IT Services and Support Solutions Provider


As with any well-structured business, Intratek’s Operations Department is the backbone of the company.  It is the exceedingly dedicated staff of the Intratek Operations Department which ensures that our client’s businesses run effectively, smoothly and professionally.


The Operations Department handles the day-to-day management of each client’s specific needs by evaluating, implementing, and handling the resources that best compliment the needs of each and every customer, no matter how unique and challenging those needs might be.


A good deal of credit for our successes has to be given to two ideals that the company is rooted in; the practice of using the principles of “Lean” in the workplace, as well as the set of best-practices set forth within the concept of ITIL.  Together these ideals, which make up the foundation of our company, allows us to focus on providing value to our customer, while also allowing us to stay focused on internal process compliance and improvements.