The aviation industry’s role in rapidly getting travelers to important business meetings, home to visit family, or to far off destinations to experience new places and cultures, is invaluable to the people it serves. Intratek helps Aviation Authorities make the most out of technologies in all areas of IT including infrastructure, security and data protection, new and innovative security and parking systems, as well as their day-to-day IT service and technology operations.


Agencies at all levels and types of government, to include federal, state, county and city agencies, are tasked with supporting citizens and helping them flourish. We depend on our government to help us, and thus do everything in our power to help them. From managing complex projects to developing custom applications, to basic maintenance of hardware and software systems, Intratek is committed to easing their burden by providing the highest quality IT services and support available.


The U.S. boasts some of the most advanced healthcare in the world. With each passing day, new medicines and treatments are developed, in which technology plays an ever-increasing role. We support healthcare facilities from coast to coast, assisting with their biomedical systems, general IT systems and infrastructure, and supporting their users’ IT needs.


In today’s ever-moving society, transportation authorities and departments are dedicated to moving people in a safe and expedient manner, furnishing viable modes of cost efficient and rapid travel, and supplying safe streets and assorted parking options for vehicles and bicycles. Intratek provides the expertise and support to maintain their technical infrastructures, manages corporate information systems and transit operations projects, and keeps technical operations running smoothly.


The Department of Energy is essential to maintaining the nuclear infrastructure of the U.S., researching and developing alternative sources of energy, and developing mechanisms for energy conservation. Intratek supports their efforts, providing innovative technology services support, allowing them to focus their efforts on their important mission.


As Department of Defense agencies work to protect and keep us safe, we work alongside them protecting their information, strengthening and maintaining their systems, and providing day-to-day technical operations and support.

Housing Authorities

Everybody deserves the security, stability and safety of affordable housing. As housing authorities work to assist local residents, Intratek provides the technical resources to track applications for assistance, funding and expenditures; build, implement and/or enhance IT systems; secure IT assets; and maintain their general IT infrastructure.


Education helps shape the future by giving people, both young and old, the knowledge needed to navigate life. At Intratek, we are passionate about learning and honored to support educational institutions and agencies. From developing applications to support and upgrades of infrastructure and security systems, to maintaining databases, we proudly provide IT support to education organizations.