Intratek is an industry-leading provider of end user, governance, program management, and infrastructure support services. The company is a change advocate that leverages decades of technical expertise to provide its clients with integrated, solution-based programs to help them meet current and ever-changing business challenges. Intratek’s competitive advantage is our unique depth and breadth of capabilities. We are armed with the best teams, methodologies and tools to provide real world solutions to solve current and trending IT business challenges and truly become a technology partner.

Enterprise Service Desk

We design, build, transition, implement, staff and manage service desks. Our deep industry expertise is in designing and managing complex IT support operations, streamlining processes, and improving customer satisfaction, while optimizing value for each customer. We build service desks from the ground up, and staff and manage existing service desks. Support can be provided at our facility, onsite at your facility, or a combination of the two. Services are provided from the US and are designed to meet your needs.

IT Managed Services

Intratek can provide any level of managed services – from monitoring and managing select systems and applications, to full operations and management of your entire IT offering. Our managed services help you optimize and manage your IT environment to quickly adopt new technologies and/or transition to the cloud. We will build a managed services solution to support your unique needs.

Application System Development and Integration

Intratek offers life-cycle application development, including performing a needs assessment, feasibility analysis, development, automation and migration solutions. Our success is tied to the understanding that every client has their own unique sets of processes and needs requiring legacy and COTS applications to improve business continuity and support. We understand that your applications require constant updates, endless troubleshooting and security upgrades to ensure efficiencies in operations and productivity to meet ever-changing market demands.

Infrastructure Services

Intratek provides infrastructure services designed to ensure service availability and stability, which includes avoidance of unplanned outages, rapid response to systems outages, support for standard software applications, business continuity projects, and maintenance of IT assets, as well as regulatory, vendor, security upgrades and implementations of operating systems and software version updates.

Data Management and Analytics

Using raw data to make conclusions about information is invaluable when determining how well your current operations are meeting your needs. Our experts use automated processes to discover trends and metrics that help optimize processes to increase overall efficiency. Our integrated approach offers a broad range of solution offerings to include shape strategy, manage data, deliver information, improve performance, optimize insights, amplify business intelligence, and build upon capabilities. We bring not only the technical expertise, but also the business acumen and a true spirit of partnership to develop smart and flexible BI systems, sophisticated dashboarding and master data management to meet your evolving requirements.

Governance and Program Management

We help clients ensure effective and efficient use of IT, so they can achieve their goals. Our experts identify and mitigate risks to enable your organization to align your business strategy and goals with IT services, infrastructure and your environment.