IT Services and Support Solutions Provider


Our Company

Intratek Computer, Inc., a California based corporation, was founded in 1989 as an IT services and support firm to provide state-of-the-art, customized information technology (“IT”) solutions for Federal, State and County agencies, as well as leading private commercial accounts. The Company provides services nationwide, including, but not limited to, in states such as Alabama, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Since its inception, the Company has grown steadily in sales and number of employees, and has received industry recognition.  It has been remarkably immune to economic downturns or government and defense spending cycles.  This is mostly due to the quality of service, organizational flexibility and the loyalty and support of its customers and employees.

Our Employees

Intratek Computer, Inc. recognizes that our employees are our most important assets.  We want our employees to work to the best of their abilities.  That is why we make sure that our employees are treated with respect and integrity, and are valued for their participation in achieving the Company’s objectives.

Intratek provides a great environment for career enhancement and personal development.  We reward our employees for their contribution to the success of the Company.  It is within this atmosphere of growth and development that our employees retain a strong sense of loyalty to Intratek and our customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide premier IT services that exceed customer expectations while maintaining a high standard of excellence through quality work and total commitment. Demonstrate to stockholders, customers and employees sound business management practices, while creating beneficial relationships within our community and industry.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide employees with a rewarding work environment that promotes teamwork, open communication, and respect that encourages achievement of their personal and professional goals. Build and maintain a long-term partnership with our clients to help them achieve their vision and assist them in their quest for success.

Our Story of Commitment 

Allen Fahami and Paul Ramezani met in Orange County over 25 years ago and began working together in a small garage, repairing printers and computers for local, state, government and private entities. With backgrounds in engineering and business, they soon were able to hire a small staff and relocate to a small warehouse, where Intratek Computer was incorporated, February 1989. Many of the original staff continue their employment here at Intratek, in fact, 4 of the original employees are now the owners of Intratek Computer Incorporated.

Intratek has over 25 years of experience providing IT support services to the Government, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Army and Navy, U.S. International Trade Commission, State of Colorado Department of Revenue, State of California Department of Child Support Services and numerous county and city agencies.